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Floral flow team proudly presenting the first prototype

This page gives an idea of what the “Floral Flow” team has done on behalf of Glow Eindhoven during the minor “Be Creative”. The minor started with an introduction about the requirements for a new installation for Glow Eindhoven:

  • The installation must be a light work of art that fits in the theme of “living colors”.
  • The installation must be interactive for the visitors of the event.
  • The installation must fit in with other Glow artworks.

Project description

Based on these requirements, brainstorming was conducted about possible installations with an interactive action in it. After generating around eighty ideas, the idea of “Floral Flow” was chosen. This installation contains wooden flower boxes with self-designed flowers in them. Visitors who want to see these flowers bloom have to pump water from the canal “the Dommel” to the flowers with several hand pumps (which are attached to the Stratumseind bridge). This water will go via the pump to a reservoir where the water is stored.

To ensure that this installation becomes a worthy Glow installation, various light effects will be added. At the start of the show, the flowers, flower boxes and tubes will flicker so that it seems that the installation does not get enough water to open the flowers. When visitors start pumping, the tubes will be light up in the direction of the running water. The flower boxes will light up and different light effects will be added to the flower as well when it opens.

All 3D drawings and required calculations were done during the minor. At the end of the minor the team will experience a GO / NO GO moment from Glow. If the team receives a GO from the Glow organization, further work will be carried out on the installation during the summer holidays and in semester seven of the new school year. During the summer holidays, the latest information regarding possible sponsorship will be exchanged. In semester seven of the new school year, work will be carried out (during four weeks) on assembling the new installation for Glow. In these four weeks testing the installation is also really important.


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