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A casing with modularity was one of the main goals. Swappable sensors allow the casing to be very flexible when it comes to the different applications it can offer. All the PCBs were tested and all of them were able to be fitted inside a casing module and worked properly. The resulting prototype had to be 3D printed completely since it was one of the early decisions that were established, this allowed for more flexibility when the casing was designed. The prints that were made turned out to be precise and worked as intended. The sensors were able to be fitted on top of each hexagonal cell which allowed precise measurements of the intended parameters since the sensors were on the outside of the casing. 

Project description

Before any specifics regarding the requirements for the project were made, an SRD document where some general requirements based on what was known was created. Some actual requirements were defined once Atos got involved in it.

The mobile sensor box needed to be able to gather data. The box was required to send all the measured parameters to the central unity over an arbitrary distance. To be able to implement different type of sensors with relative ease, a Universal Sensor Interface (USI) had to be implemented. The box had to be mobile so it could be used in a lot of different applications, again thanks to the USI. Another very important requirement was the power consumption, it needed to be low due to the mobility of the box. A high power consumption would result in a short operation time. Environmental resistance was also a very important requirement that Atos emphasized, since the project should also be able to operate in outside conditions.

The project allowed the team to develop multiple skills while working on a forthcoming technology, industry 4.0. The mobile sensor box showed how the technology could be implemented and how it can be used for many applications. There were many use cases in mind but the focus for the project was mainly on the industrial application. This allowed to narrow down the sensors that could be used and really brought down the scale of the project as the focus was concentrated on certain sensors.

This project was executed in cooperation with Atos.


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