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“Vena Lumen” stands for pulse light. The design transforms the heartbeat into dancing light, which moves in the bench. The light illustrates the beauty of two lives colliding and joining together to become one with each other.

Feel, influence and be part of: Vena Lumen is interactive. When you take a seat on the couch, the light dances on your heartbeat. We make you aware of life and the heartbeat that goes with it.

The actual bench uses the same technique as the table top and the prototypes but then with more layers. in total the bench has 46 layers of LEDs and 47 layers of wood.

Project description

Idea Creation

During the design process it’s good to come up with more than one idea, especially at the beginning where it is not easy to make a final decision. In the case multiple ideas were developed at first and taken through different elimination stages to finally arrive at two final ideas before making the decision on the final idea to go ahead with. Doing so allows the team to get feedback from various sources on each design, and maybe even incorporate some aspects of each design into the final idea.

Module Design

Since there were a few modules which made the end product what it was, during the module design / selection stage, the team would have alternatives for each module in case the original idea could not be fulfilled. Examples include ready-made solution to replace DIY solutions which did not work as expected, or were not finished in time.

Learning points

In terms of complexity and skills involved the GLOW project offers a big list of learning points. This project covers many different areas like finance, management, and technology. To be more specific, the team:

  • learned how to plan, manage, and execute a big project
  • got a huge amount of freedom that makes you responsible for the end result
  • developed their own ideas
  • defined their own project requirements
  • collaborated with companies
  • experienced the benefits of multidisciplinary team work
  • had a lot of fun
  • could be proud of the final result shown at GLOW 2018


Here is a video showing the bench in action (at nighttime) during the GLOW festival:

Link to the official GLOW 2018 website:

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