GLOW 2017: Atmorama

An important part of the minor is doing reseach, getting inspiration, and thinking about concepts. After some time, only a few concepts are left. Together with the GLOW organization we have chosen the final concept: Atmorama. During the research phase, a lot of work was already done for this concept. The next step is to turn it into a realizable project, and looking for sponsors. It took a lot of effort to find the sponsors, but after all the budget goal was achieved (we got even more than needed). In the end, five companies agreed to the sponsor agreement. These companies are: Nexperia, Vanderlande, Demicom, DAF-trucks en OGD. Atmorama was developed further and is now ready for production.

The concept Atmorama is a big arena like circle with a light installation. The light is controlled by a self-developed technique. Recycled fluorescent lamps are controlled wirelessly by generating electromagnetic fields close to the fluorescent lamp. These lights will turn on mysteriously after doing this. The visitors are surrounded by hundreds of fluorescent lamps. The lamps work together with sound to create a completely new atmosphere.

Project description

Atmorama is inspired by “The magic of all-day use objects”, this is one of the themes that was discussed during the brainstorms. The theme is about objects we constantly see in our lives. These objects can be used to create a new special effect when used or showed in a different way.

After researching the use of light, there was one that stood out. Fluorescent lamps will respond nicely to electrical fields. With small experiments the phenomenon was tested. Our experiments for the technique used in Atmorama. Fluorescent lamps exists of electrodes with a gas mix. This combination creates UV-radiation. A phosphor layer turns this into white light.

The gas mix can be controlled from the outside with an electric field. The team designed a system that can achieve this. The fluorescent lamps can be controlled wireless and contactless with the help of antennas. This technique is special because the Fluorescent lamps can be turned on partially, normally this is impossible.

Damaged fluorescent lamps can be used because of the extern control. The gas mix is usually intact when an fluorescent lamp burns out. Only damaged fluorescent lamps are used to promote sustainability.

The light system hangs in an big wooden arena. 3 meter in height and approx. 6 meter in diameter. The construction is build out of windows. All the wires and components are safely hidden between these windows.

The public is in the middle of the installation. They are surrounded by the special fluorescent lamps. The fluorescent lamps light up in the shape of the windows. This results in combination with sound for a new special atmosphere.


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